In 2 days, 1 million people saw his video. Jason was found standing near Skyway motel in Jersey City where he usually asks for money. Without a home or any money, he is in desperate need of food, a haircut, and a bed to lay on with security that he won’t get robbed at night. But his story is a bit different-- he has a severe back condition called hyperkyphosis, and surgery ranges from $120,000. Hyperkyphosis refers to an excessive curvature of the spine, commonly referred to as hunchback.

He used to be 6 ft tall, and he was 33 with a baby girl. The man who found him, Isaiah, noted in the GoFundMe description, “He has a severe hunchback and said people ask to see it more then they ask about his own well-being so he decided to start showing it for the money.” Isaiah created a GoFundMe with hopes of using the funds for surgery, housing, and additional necessities for Jason, however, funds from the GoFundMe cannot be withdrawn because GoFundMe is requiring verification of Isaiah, Jason, the story, how they met, and the plan for the money as well as receipts. Of course, this is understandable, but Jason does not have an ID and due to COVID, it may take longer. A social worker is working on the identification, but for now, they have a Cash App and Venmo for immediate withdrawals. They are now focused on a room or place for Jason to stay in the Hudson County area, so if anyone has suggestions, feel free to contact Isaiah. Furthermore, Isaiah and his team are working on finding any possible legal trouble Jason might have pending to make sure there is nothing left unsettled. Updates are being posted on Isaiah’s and now Jason’s social media (he now has access to social media because a prepaid phone was purchased).

The cause for Jason to be homeless is unknown, but it is evident that he is in need. He has been unable to stand straight for over a decade, and like anyone else, deserves a chance. Funds are being donated, and he is extremely grateful for it all. If you are able to help in any way, either by sharing the story or donating- feel free to do so. This is only the beginning. Jason deserves to be healthy and experience joy in these unstable times.

The initial video is found here:

The video of Isaiah going back to find Jason:

Several videos and updates are posted on Isaiah’s TikTok which can be found here


Any clothes can be dropped off (contact @isaiahanthony_13 or @cano2)

Clothing: Large shirts, XL jackets, 28-20x32 pants, socks, S boxers are in need

Shoes: 10.5-11 shoes


Cashapp: $helpjasonstandup

Venmo: @help-jason-standup-1


Isaiah's Instagram

Jason's Instagram