NYU Quarantine Meal Chaos and Resources to Help Those Affected

Students are now back in the dorms and preparing themselves for an unprecedented school year–blended classes, precautionary measures, new restrictions–nothing like what we’re all used to. And for now, many are self-quarantined due to the pandemic. NYU, however, made a promise to their students and did not fulfill their end of it (so far). They promised to provide 3 meals each day, delivered to every quarantined on-campus student. Of course, vegan, kosher, halal & other dietary restrictions were made known to NYU for students to be accommodated. Now, take a look at some of the TikToks that went viral, exposing what took place.

NYU students are extremely upset and posting on all social media platforms. For some, breakfast is arriving at 2:30 pm, and dinner at 10 pm, no lunch. Others are receiving lunch without breakfast. Many students who are restricted from eating pork have received ham sandwiches, and vegan students are left with no choice but to eat the salad with cheese and meat. In addition, the meals being delivered are not enough food to keep an individual full for the time in between the deliveries.

In addition, some meals seem to be missing contents. For example, one meal posted on TikTok contained chips and salad dressing but no salad. Obviously, this may have belonged to a different meal package or the meal was missing items. Mistakes happen, and the university claims to be understaffed, but this has dangerous consequences for students who are left without food.

Many students are ordering food and having groceries delivered, but many others do not have flexible spending money.

Tuition and room and board at NYU start at $74,000 a year, which explains why so many students are upset especially because there was an increase in tuition during the pandemic, which has hit some families hard.

The workers are doing their job, trying to get to every person, but it may be a logistical issue. On August 20th, many students received a sandwich with no label which was thought to be turkey inside, but later found out that it was Pork.

NYU has been made aware of the issues being faced by students and released a statement which can be found here. There are several listings of how NYU will respond to the complaints. Some of these include- hiring more staff members in general while dedicating some to respond to food complaints, make sure meals are being delivered promptly, having an additional food provider, and more.

Additionally, NYU and Chartwells (the food vendor) are providing each quarantined student with a $100 e-card to order delivered food.

This will definitely help the students who seem to be having an unpleasant time. As long as NYU corrects the matter, everyone will be able to move forward. After all, with such unprecedented times, it is hard to know exactly what will work and what won’t, especially when trying a new method/vendor for the first time. Now that the worst part is over, NYU is aware of how to make the meal program better for the students.


Mutual Aid Document

This spreadsheet was created by NYU students where the students who are quarantined can receive mutual aid from their peers to help them pay for their meals. It allows students to list their Venmo, PayPal, CashApp, etc., along with a monetary request for aid.


Students experiencing any issues during their quarantine at any NYU Residence Hall regarding their meals or delivery are able to email earlydining@nyu.edu to file their experience for the record and receive assistance from administrators.

Helpful NYU Student Tweets (Be sure to read the thread)

GoFundMe to donate which goes towards meals for students

Twitter handles of students who are offering to help (monetary donations, food delivered, grocery shopping, etc):