Black Friday - Small Businesses to support

Supporting small businesses on Black Friday and throughout the holiday season is particularly important this year because of the pandemic, which has many small businesses struggling to stay afloat. With a possible lockdown in the near future, it is essential that we contribute to keeping our local businesses alive. (*black-owned)


25% off everything on site excluding the Black Friday drop (happening at 12 am) but half of the new items will be $10 (that's a steal!!)

201.thrift is a Jersey City based youth-owned business and has a ton of thrifted finds ranging from t-shirts to windbreakers and jackets. There are even some brand name steals. It's a personal favorite of mine.

Insigniamsa *

Every item on-site is handmade and will be 15% off (Nov 26-Nov 28). A new velvet collection will be launched on Black Friday (Nov 27). Email subscribers will get an additional 10% off.

Sign up here.

Insigniamsa is a youth-owned business and adds an attractive twist to your look.

The Pray Apparel *

Select items 30% off, shop here.

The Pray Apparel is a Jersey City based brand, shining light on the concept of depicting faith within fashion- particularly streetwear.

Another Man's Treasure

10% off all clothing

Jersey City based vintage shop with thrifted finds downtown across the street from City Hall.

Hubane *

20% off sitewide (Nov 26-28). Shop here.

Hubane is a youth-owned business consisting of fashion in different forms. Along with clothes, Hubane also offers phone cases, art, and many other products.