Hey! Nice to "meet" you.

 My name is Shanelle, and I was born and raised in Jersey City. I attended PS#8, Academy 1, and McNair Academic High School. I'm currently an undergraduate student at NYU, majoring in Global Public Health with a concentration in biology on the pre-med track. 


From volunteering in hospitals to Liberty Science Center to partaking in a restorative justice program to help the Jersey City Public Schools, I've developed a passion to give back to my community in more ways than one. The COVID-19 global pandemic sparked a light in me. I'm not sure if it's because I was quarantined at home with my two parents, or because I always loved the idea of helping others, but I decided to start a GoFundMe, which raised a little over $2500. I did the most I could with it, from donating to shelters, to the JCPD, local hospitals, homeless people, and small businesses. 

Afterward, as tensions eased, I figured, "Why should I stop there?" The community needs help year-round, not only during a pandemic. Then I thought of making my own blog. This will be my outlet to give back to the community and beyond. I've always had a passion for writing, and now, I can combine all of the things I love- as a hobby!

That being said, this isn't your average Jersey City blog focusing on already successful stories. I want to remain transparent and also focus on the youth because we are the future, and change starts with us. If we motivate one another and show support, we are capable of much more. I want to give advice, ideas, answer questions, share my experiences, and highlight Jersey City (not only successful stories either). This blog will represent the entire community, from Greenville to Downtown, and all other areas in Jersey City while also uplifting the youth. But because I am growing, learning, and adjusting, you might see a little bit of everything- Jersey City related and not.

Although I am a full-time student and this is completely new to me, I will remain dedicated to serve as an outlet for you all. Please bear with me as I get used to this.


Feel free to leave any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, ideas, etc. I'm willing to publish blog posts from others as well, so please reach out if you're interested.


I'm so excited to launch this blog, and I hope you enjoy the content I have to offer.  

Have any feedback, questions, or suggestions?
Feel free to contact me!

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